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Metal Identification Tagging and Equipment

Why are ROI Industrials Metal Tags Superior?

Our metal tags are embossed.  If you are not familiar with embossing it means that the characters are raised up off of the face of the plate.  This offers a number of huge advantages for you.


Embossed tags are easier to read in low light and at angles.
Engraving and indent stamping fills up with corrosion, dirt, paint. Over the years when site personnel need to read it they clean plates off with scotchbrite or wire brushes and wear the writing away until eventually it is very difficult or impossible to read.
Your Company spends millions of dollars on valuable equipment and engineering on projects. You need to be able to easily identify critical information on a tag for the life of the equipment. It is not acceptable to have expensive pieces of equipment that are hard to identify. Our embossed tags solve this issue.
Our Machines can produce an embossed 2D barcode for infinite traceability of parts and equipment. 2D barcoding can provide a unique identifier which can be read with a barcode reader with that capability. Aerospace, aircraft, locomotive all use traceability. We can utilize this for all types of Projects as well.

Why buy Tags or Tag Equipment from ROI Industrial Inc.?

We have the best quality tags and can deliver large quantities quicker than the competition to meet your project needs on time. We have provided blank tags, tag machines and replacement embossed tags to some of the largest projects in the province. We have over 650,000 tags on one project alone.

Besides embossing being the best mark for durability, it is also one of the fastest machines for producing tags, one of the other key benefits that we are able to offer is the capability to produce thousands of tags a day.

If you do not want to invest in your own Tag Machine then we can certainly produce the tags for you on our Embossing Machines and courier them to you quickly. Our software for the machine can take information populated on a standard Excel spread sheet and input that information directly into the machine for tag production. We also have many tag sizes available to meet your needs.

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