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Surplus Industrial Equipment

So what Equipment does ROI Industrial
Buy and Sell?

There is equipment that we buy today that we didn’t buy 5 years ago. We are always expanding our network and market so please contact us on ALL of your Surplus Equipment. Following is a partial list of equipment that we buy and sell on a regular basis. Electric Motors, Transformers, Electrical Cable, Pipe, Switchgear, Pumps, Valves, Locomotives, Forklifts, Dragline Equipment and Parts, Process Equipment, etc.

What regions Do we deal in?

We buy and sell equipment all over North America. One of our strengths is that we excel at looking after the details, and can look after all shipping, importation, duty and brokerage to get equipment to Companies anywhere in Canada or the USA. Many companies especially in the USA appreciate this as we make it easy for them to buy our equipment. We will look after getting it to your door!

What sets ROI Industrial Inc apart from other Surplus Equipment Companies?

A big part of what sets us apart is quite simply that we get results. Unlike some surplus dealers who only want to represent your equipment in hopes of finding a buyer, leaving you waiting forever, or auctioning off your equipment for often bottom dollar value, we actually buy and sell equipment every week. We buy equipment and move off site so that you are paid and your money is back in revenue where it can help you generate profit.

What is Our Business Philosophy?

ROI Industrial succeeds because we work on Win-Win scenarios where the companies we buy from, our company and the companies that we sell to all benefit. We price equipment that we own to be attractive. Our company works with our customers to make it easy for them to buy from us. We make deals that work to move equipment back into the market efficiently. We also partner with companies that are strong in their markets and jointly own equipment to optimize results in turning over inventory.

Everything we do comes back to “how do we best get results.”.

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