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Scrap Metal and Large Scrap Industrial Components

So what Scrap does ROI Industrial Buy and Sell?

We deal in ALL types of Scrap Metal both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous. We compete directly with the largest Scrap Metal dealers in Canada. Our strength is that we deal at the highest levels with Mill Buyers across North America and Exporters to offer the best possible pricing. Contact us and we will openly discuss what you have. We excel at:

  • Electrical Scrap such as motors, transformers, cable, wire, etc.
  • High Nickel Content Scrap such as Furnace/Catalyst Tube, Inconels, 316/304 S.S., etc.
  • Large Industrial Components such as Exchangers, Boilers, Large and difficult to manage pieces, components that need to be cut on or off site. We do an excellent job on logistics and co-ordination to save you time , money and hassle.


We primarily buy Scrap Metal in Canada, but have bought High Value material from all over North America

What sets ROI Industrial Inc apart from other Scrap Metal Companies?

We work opportunities hard to look for the best possible pricing available in the market whether that is in North America or exporting overseas. Many large scrap companies are owned by or deal with certain mills so don’t work deals as hard as we do to offer you the best price levels.

How does our Company offer the best Total Value for large Industrial Plant Sites?

The value that we offer for scrap metal does not begin and end at the price. Yes of course we strive to offer the best dollar value for scrap, but total value is more than that. Communication, relationship and respect, concern for our Customers liabilities on and off site, organization and logistics of moving material, utilizing the best trucking and partners when doing work at a site, are all included in how we do business. Our priority is long term relationships rather than short term profits. These are all the priorities that we offer in addition to price which makes up the total value that our company offers to you.

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